VoLeS import

42 Blagoveschenskaya St., Vologda 160000 Russia
TIN/Industrial Enterprise Classification Code 3525157303 / 3525501001,
BIC 041909786

VoLeS company is looking for partners and agents abroad for the direct export from Sokol, Vologda region exclusively on FCA Vologda region, Sokol terms of delivery.
VoLeS Ltd. produces and wholesales the following products:

– dried timber
– dried planed (regularized) timber
– floor boards

The target price for timber is 160 Euro/cubic meter.

The timber is processed using modern imported equipment such as Hilderaund Brunner drying line with single load capacity up to 1350 m3 and a line of Viening-Gidromat 23 moulder planers with the capacity of 120 meters per minute.

The company’s rigorous quality inspection system corresponds to the high level of European standards and complies with the requirements of Russian GOST state standards.
Our company uses coniferous wood (spruce and pine) as raw material, and it is harvested exclusively in the North West region of Russia.

The company is located in the city of Vologda, which is the regional capital and has convenient transportation connections to Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Our current customers are Russian and CIS homebuilding companies.
We are interested in establishing long term cooperation with our partners.
For more details please see our website www.voles35.ru
If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

Executive Director:
Michael Baranov
E-mail: mikhail.baranov@voles35.ru mobile phone +79115003597
Sales Department:
Alexei Mikhailov-Yuryev
E-mail: aleksey@voles35.ru
Skype:   lmihyur
office phone:  7   (8172) 729704

fax: 7   (8172) 210705
mobile phone  +79095971101, +79005602202